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What National Web Design Web site Designers can do for you

Our Web Site Designers can build your new business

Our Web Site Designers build new web-based businesses from zero revenue to thousands of pounds a day in a matter of weeks. Many companies can build you a site, and certainly most of your competitors already have one. But how many of those are successful?

Web Site Designers can increase sales from your current site

Our SEO and AdWord experts work with our Web Site Designers to increase traffic to your site.

Our SEO experts work closely with our Web Site Designers to increase the number of visitors to your site – even if you are using Google Adwords. Compared to an Adword campaign alone, the combination of our SEO experts working with our Web Site Designers can increase the amount of traffic by a factor of five. This means more visitors, and less payment to Google.

Our Web Site Designers can then actually increase the proportion of visitors buying from your site.
We’ve often heard people say “but once they get to our site there is nothing that you can do to make them buy”. National Web Design can change that. Our Web Site Designers regularly increase the number of people buying from our clients’ sites. For sites selling high value products or professional services, more people inquire for more information, which ultimately means more sales. A typical response rate of 1% can increase up to 5% or even 10%. That means that if you are getting 10,000 visitors, we can help you convert 100 (or even fewer) sales to 500 or more.

Our Web Site Designers can improve your existing business

Our Web Site Designers can increase your sales even if your current web site is successful

We can double the amount of sales from an existing, successful ecommerce web site simply by upgrading it to a PowerWeb site. What is more, our clients have experienced dramatic increases in customer action: fivefold increases in leads or sales, ultimately resulting in a campaign up to twenty five times more effective than before.

We can make the difference between failure and success

We can improve your profitability

A site that costs £2000 and brings in only £200 of sales is not profitable, but it is typical. Most web site designers – who have little or no business experience – can make something technically interesting, but not adequate for your business needs. A site that costs £10,000, including a suitable marketing campaign, and brings in several times that amount a week, is typical for our web site designers. Can we guarantee success? No. Not all products or services are viable over the web (although we can help you find out why). But if people are looking for your product or service on the web (and we can research this for you) and what you have to offer is competitive, then we can definitely make you succeed.

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