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What it Means when a Hosting Company says Unlimited

There is a wide plethora of web hosting service providers and the overwhelming majority of them try to drum up new business and attract new customers by offering a variety of promotional offers and discounts. These can range from a concession from the services offered, to the provision of free services such as an unlimited amount of disk space, or an uncapped bandwidth rate. Sadly, it should be noted that these seemingly generous terms often come with strings attached meaning that the consumer is not actually getting quite as generous a deal as they might have first thought.

Many webmasters and industry experts have attempted to better educate the unsuspecting public as to the actual implications and meaning of these terms in an attempt to remove the confusion and ambiguity surrounding them. Web master experts have cautioned consumers that “unlimited disk space” means that whilst the user is permitted to add and expand their web site as they see fit, they will only be allowed to do this is small bursts, and in incremental dosages.

Just in case you are wondering, it is the web hosting company and not the consumer who will decide when new content can be added.
Web hosting companies have attempted to defend this fine hair definition although as more and more consumers become aware of what it REALLY means, their feeble defences and rationalizations are slowly but surely wearing out. By far, the “unlimited disk space” strategy is one of the commonly used tricks by web hosting companies in order to con customers but it is by no means the only one.

Another method of deceiving customers and one that is slowly but surely increasing in popularity is that they web hosting company will claim that any customer who joins them and signs up for their services will be entitle to nearly 1GB all to themselves. Given that the average website will only consume circa 10-20 Mb this is an extremely tempting offer indeed. The only problem here is that such a generous offer has some major strings attached meaning that whilst the consumer will pay a very low rate to begin with, the fees charged will steadily increase as times goes on. Meanwhile, the web site owner is left with a massive amount of space that they do not need and which they cannot do anything particularly useful with.

A kissing cousin to the “unlimited disk space” con, unlimited bandwidth is another trick in the arsenal of the less scrupulous web hosting companies and it should be noted that bandwidth (for those of us who do not already know) is the technical term used to refer to the volume of traffic that is permitted to be transferred between the website and internet.

Again, the user ends up paying over the odds for services they do not need, thinking that they are making a substantial saving indeed when in reality, it is the web hosting company that is directly benefitting. In order to get an accurate estimate of how much bandwidth you will actually require, make sure you times the number of monthly views versus the actual size of your webpage.