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We make sure that you have a hosting service that you can trust

All too often clients come to us with stories of web hosting services who allow their sites to vanish at the worst possible moments, who are unreachable when there is a problem, or unhelpful even when you can reach them.

Others have sites which slow down to a snail’s pace because their hosting company has put them onto shared servers with thousands of other users without considering what is appropriate for the client’s needs.

We focus on your vision and your business needs! Our experience means that we really understand what’s needed to make your site work for your business. However, we simply don’t do budget hosting. If you are looking for the cheapest possible hosting – and the lowest possible quality – we cannot help. However, if you’ve got a business where a website can provide financial or strategic value, we can help you.

Hosting falls into three distinct categories: shared hosting, virtual private servers (VPS), and dedicated servers. In the broadest terms, shared hosting is best suited to personal and small business hosting, VPS hosting for medium-sized businesses, and dedicated servers for corporate hosting. On one end of the scale, a dedicated server has the advantage that it can scale up to millions of visitors per month and no other client can slow you down or get your server closed down (because of spamming, for example). However, to keep prices down, the actual specification of the server your business needs may be very low. We’ll help guide you to find exactly what you need.

We make it simple for you! Hosting can be very technical ‘under the bonnet’ – but we won’t blind you with technicalities. We will simply find the best way to solve your business needs. However, we are deeply technical underneath. For example, our VPS systems use a system called a “redundant array of independent disks” (RAID 1) to back up automatically so that your system is always safe. RAID also increases reliability exponentially, and protects server uptime. RAID 1 allows a mechanical hard disk to fail while keeping the data on the array accessible to users. Rather than being required to perform a time-consuming restore from tape, DVD, or other slow backup media, RAID allows data to be restored to a replacement disk from the other members of the array, while being simultaneously available to users. This is of high value to enterprises, as downtime quickly leads to lost earning power. RAID 1 provides performance improvements for multi-user databases – e.g. multiple users in the shop at the same time. We also use the fastest possible types of SATA drives backed by maximum memory possible in a Pentium 4 server to provide the fastest response for your site.

Unlike some other Hosting and Domain Name Registration companies, you won’t regret coming to the experts. The actual cost of putting your web site on someone’s server so that people can access it over the Internet (which is called hosting or shared hosting) can be very low. Some companies give away hosting free, while others charge just a few pounds. What these companies skimp on is service and know how.

With cheap hosting companies, your site can go offline (disappear completely) without warning, leaving your customers thinking that you are out of business and making the search engines remove your from their indexes – often losing months of careful work. Not only do our servers offer exceptional reliability (99.9% uptime), but for every site we have sold hosting to, we check that site every five minutes day and night, seven days a week, and respond right away if there are any problems.

If you know specifically what you want, we offer servers in the UK and US, and a full range of server services ASP scripting; PHP scripting; Perl CGI; FrontPage Extensions; ODBC; FTP; SSL secure web space; Windows media streaming; Password protected website folders; Advanced password protected website folders; MySQL databases MS SQL Server databases; ASP.NET with .NET Framework and a variety of methods to take card payments online. If we are making your site, you don’t need to worry about any of this if you don’t want to – we can take care of all the technicalities for you.

Our servers have Multiple 1 Gbps UK internet connections in a Dedicated UK (or US) data centre.

We are the only hosting company to have won the Institute of Customer Service’s latest National Customer Service Week Award (we were nominated by our customers of course!). Our server specialists also offer 24/7 technical support by web, email and phone. We are also on the National Business Link Consultants Register.

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