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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Submission

We are your local, professional, Search Engine Optimization and Submission service. Get a really professional service that really does the job. Let us come out to you for a free consultation. We make it simple for you! Many web sites cost thousands of pounds, yet most bring in very little business. We have a tried and tested method of bringing in business to your site – our unique Ashendon Search Engine Optimization and Submission process, which was nominated as Innovative Business Idea of the Year in 2006. We promise no gimmicks or cheats – only a combination of hard work, know-how, and use of advanced cutting-edge software which positions your site to create a flow of leads and sales.

We focus on your vision and your business needs! Our experience means that we really understand what’s needed to make your site work for your business. It used to be the case that to get your site noticed, you could simply add a few tags and submit it to the search engines. Before you knew it, you would see the traffic flowing in. Later, programs that promised to trick engines into giving you high ranking did the trick. Those were the old days (perhaps a couple of years ago!). Today, submitting alone usually won’t get you far, and any attempt to inappropriately boost your position will generally result in disaster for your site, getting it blacklisted and blocked from the main search engines. To get traffic, you need to optimize and promote your website with a comprehensive plan, which includes submitting to engines, building a good website with relative content, and building your site’s popularity. Those three things need professional skills, expertise and the correct tools. And we can deliver the best results possible within your budget.

Unlike some Search Engine Optimization and Submission companies, you won’t regret using our services. Many things can go wrong with Search Engine Optimization and Submission – we make sure that they don’t. Here are just a few potential Web site redesign problems:

* Rankings can be lost when a replacement design goes up with all new page names replacing old pages, or when a new design goes up that does not carry the same optimization factors, content, and elements used to achieve the original rankings.

* Too much submitting/auto submitting – sometimes less IS more. Sites can drop out of engines if they are submitted too often. As a rule of thumb, check to see if your site is listed before submitting. If it is a complex site, rules need to be applied to determine whether you can submit new pages without getting blacklisted. These vary from engine to engine and time to time.

* Page redirection, cloaking, or auto-forcing windows to open or pages to load can lower your page relevance in the search engines. Commonly used ‘features’ (very popular with self-taught webmasters and those just out of college) such as Flash pages, frame sets and iframes can also result in your site never appearing in the search engines.

There are over 70 companies serving the area offering “Search Engine” services, and very few have any sites listed at number one position in the main search engines. We are the only ones to have won the Institute of Customer Service’s latest National Customer Service Week Award. (We were nominated by our customers of course!) We are also on the National Business Link Consultants Register so your company may be eligible for government grants to fund your expansion working with us.

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