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Relevent Content

Search engine optimization is something that anyone who is marketing a website, must make sure they include as a top priority on the internet marketing check list. There are just too many websites in competition with one another to be left to their own devices.

You might say that SEO is the process of rewarding those sites that serve up an excellent web experience and punish those sites that don’t make an investment into SEO. The punishment is not being able to be found. Now, content is a huge part of what makes up your optimization efforts. Content is king as far as the search engines are concerned.

The link between content and traffic
The aim of a website is to attract attention and draw in traffic from all over the internet. The traffic you attract counts in your favor from an SEO point of view. The more traffic you attract, the more popular you seem to the search engines.

The more popular they think that you are, the higher they are likely to rank you in the SERPs. So all you have to worry about is generating lots of traffic, right? Wrong, you need to attract traffic, keep them interested and offer them something of value. Just to create high levels of traffic in not enough.

You need highly qualified traffic to cause conversions on your site. Search engines are getting smarter and they monitor not only how much traffic reaches your website but also how long each visitor spends on your website.

They take into consideration things like the length of time spent on your website and whether your visitor was interested enough to take a look around other pages of your website. This is where content becomes a very big SEO issue. You can attract a huge amount of traffic to your website with bad content and lots of pictures but it won’t keep them.

The Power of Content
Content has a large amount of power on the internet. Content is the primary reason any visitor reaches your website. Your content looked promising and seemed to offer them something of value. Good content can help you a great deal with your search engine optimization efforts for your website.

By offering good content, you are able to attract traffic and build up a good reputation for yourself as providing great content for readers. Once you have amassed a decent following and have a good reputation, the links start rolling in. Other websites only want to link to those that have something to offer them in good ranking by association or through helping them offer more value to their own visitors.

Relevancy is King!
What you need to do is to make sure that your content is relevant. Your content needs to be relevant to your audience, your services or products, your website and the time it is published. You cannot hope to generate interest and increase SEO with old and outdated news, irrelevant content that has nothing to do with your website. Your traffic will not be interested in content they cannot relate to or do not want.

This is what the “bounce rate” is all about. When using a Pay per Click strategy, the quality score, also looks at the relevancy of your content. Anyway you look at it, your site must be spot on, and in regards to the degree of relevancy you are offering your visitors.

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