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Need a name on the Internet?

A domain is your name on the internet. Your choice of domain names will certainly affect the number and type of visitors to your web site significantly – we have figures to prove it. The effect of the correct choice of domain names on your finals sales can be very substantial in real cash terms. Choosing a good domain name will help people find you on the internet when searching, and be memorable enough for referrals and repeat customers. Equally important is that you want to make sure that it belongs to you – not to your web company when you find that it is worth a fortune to your company.

We provide domain name registration. We can supply any type of domain name – although we generally recommend (the official designations for companies or individuals trading as businesses in the UK) or .com domain registration with every website or hosting package we sell. Also, we can transfer your existing domain to any website that you have us make for you.

We can also provide you with any other major type of domain name or point multiple domains at your site if you want it to operate under different names. As with hosting, you get what you pay for. All too often companies that seem cheap when you register your domain name will charge you a huge fee to transfer it when you want to actually use it with your site – or will either refuse to transfer it or not reply to your messages – meaning that you lose your domain name forever. Not with us! We provide Unlimited Web Forwarding, Catch All unlimited E-mail Forwarding, Unlimited E-mail, and charge no release fee (many providers will charge you for this) or transfer fees to move your domains to another Provider.

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