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My Favorite WordPress Theme

Last post I went over the Magazine basic theme and pointed out the features that make it a great choice for beginners. At one time, I used to use that theme almost exclusively. But I wanted something that would add more snap to my layouts and give me more options and control over page layout.

This motivated me to try out a number of different themes with varying degrees of success until I finally found what I had been looking for.The result of my research is called Suffusion Of Hues, or Suffusion for short. At this point it’s not only my favorite WP theme, but the only one I use for new sites. Yes, that means every site I produce now is a WordPress installation. There are far too many advantages to using WP as a platform for websites to ignore!

This theme just oozes options!Even better, you control which options you want to use! This is not an “all or nothing” theme. I embarked on my theme exploring journey I wanted a theme to use for sales sites that would give me the option of using no sidebars if I chose, while still allowing me to add the graphic headers that make a site stand out and look professional. Those plain text headers just don’t do that. I chose Suffusion because it filled that need, plus allowed me to choose which of the many available options I wanted to use.

At first, I used the theme only for sales sites. Later, as I found myself with a bit more time to explore the options offered by Suffusion, I started to experiment with it for the purpose it had been created for, a blog theme. I could write an entire E-book on using the options available with Suffusion, but since I don’t have the space for that here, I’ll stick to the high points.

One of my favorite features is the complete control over dimensions you get with this theme. Want a border of a specific size for each widget? Just set the appropriate sidebar to the right size to allow that, and you’ve got it. Want a sidebar of equal width to your main column? No problem! The theme features a slideshow at the top of the main content section that displays excerpts of as many recent posts as you elect to use. This is of course optional, so if you don’t want to use that feature you are not stuck with it.

Menu selection and placement is also up to you. You can elect to have a menu at the top of the page, or use a widget to place it on the sidebar of your choice. If you place the menu up top, Suffusion lets you decide between a dropdown for your posts and page, or display them in the conventional style above the content from left to right. You decide rather or not to display categories on a blog.

You decide the number, placement and physical size of your sidebars. As mentioned earlier, if you are creating a sales site, you can use the “no sidebar” template. The theme offers additional widget areas below the header and above the footer. You can decide the number of columns these widget areas will break their contents into based on what you are placing within the widgets. For 1 full size banner you use 1 column, and on a site that’s 1020 pixels in page width, you can put 2 468×60 banners next to each other. You can add smaller size banners, or any widgets you like there as well.

Suffusion gives you complete control over your site background. You can use an image which can be tiled or repeated only once. You can also use a solid color of your choice. The same goes for your header background, you decide the size of the whole header area, rather or not to use an image for the background, a solid color, or a gradient of your choosing.

As far as content options go, they allow you the same degree of control you get with other parts of your site. Pick the number of posts for your home page, rather or not to display just the header in the slider, or an excerpt. I could continue, but I think you get the idea here. There is practically nothing about your site you can’t control. And you can elect to use the normal theme defaults, or set your own.

While this is really not a theme I would recommend to someone setting up their first blog, it’s a fantastic option for more advanced users or those with the time to play with their theme. If you decide to try this theme out, and have any problems, just leave a comment on this post describing your problem, and I will do my best to help you solve it.

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