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Make Overs For Products

We all have plenty of products of various types sitting around on our computers that we really have no interest in. maybe it was part of a package that was sold with something you did want. Or maybe it was one of those “Free Gifts” marketers are always passing out. We end up with some really lame things just because they are free.

Have you ever considered the fact that these products can do more for you than simply eat up space on your hard drive? There are markets for even products that are mostly outdated if you find a creative way to package the product and use a good angle to market it. Lets take a look at what it takes to do a product makeover and make it turn out to be profitable.

The most important thing to consider is the rights you have to the product. You must have full master rights to make this work. We need a new title, perhaps some material, and definitely some new graphics. Changing the look of a product is very important. Most people recognize a product by the package. To create a new product you must change the packaging.

Those are the basics for turning an old product into a new one with a fresh market. rather or not you need to edit the physical product or not depends on several factors. Firstly, if it is a software product of any kind, you are limited in what you can do. Unless you possess coding skills, or are willing to pay to have someone else tweak a software program for you, there really isn’t much you can do except create a new box cover for the software and perhaps re-name it if your rights allow this. Often, you may not be able to change the name or Icon for the software. When this is the case, you must package your product carefully so there is no easy tie to the “old” product.

That’s about all the time we have for this one right now. Expect some more on how to create the graphics you need to change your packaging so you can start profiting from resale rights andPLR products in the next post. Here’s an idea if you want something else on that subject to think about in the meantime. You will find more on this subject on the blog at SMZK Specialty,


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