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How to Install WordPress to My Web Host


WordPress is a simple to use and install program that makes developing and editing websites a simple task that almost anyone can use with competence. Blogs and even major websites can easily be edited by using WordPress that allows you to edit web content from almost anywhere; this is a simple step by step guide that will walk you through the process of how to install WordPress to the root of your website’s domain.

Step 1: Downloading and Unzipping

The first step to installing WordPress onto your site is to obtain a copy of the software. The relatively small sized file (3.0 MB) can be downloaded for free from Once the zipped file has been downloaded it is necessary to unzip using Winrar or some other similar program.

Step 2: Creating the Database and a User

If your site is hosted by a hosting provider it is important to check to see if it is already installed in which case it will not be necessary to install WordPress. Most hosting providers use cPanel as its main interface with your site, this step will walk you through the process of configuring it to install WordPress as the editing tool.

Log into cPanel
Click MySQL the Database Wizard icon found beneath the databases area.
Insert the name of the database and click next step
Create database users by entering the database username and password, then click create user.
Add user to Database by clicking the “all privileges” checkbox and click the next step button.
Complete the task by noting the database name and user, make sure to record the hostname, username, database name, and the password.

Step 3: Setting up wp-confic.php

To install WordPress it is necessary to go back to the files that you downloaded and unzipped, look for the file “wp-config-sample.php” and rename it as “wp-config.php” and open it in the text editor of your choice. You now need to enter your database information in the necessary fields such as “database_name” for the name of the database which you used, “database_user” for the user which you assigned to the database and “database_password” for the password which you assigned to the user. Zip the files and name it as WordPress.

Step 4: Uploading the Files

Using your FTP client upload the zipped file and extract it to the directory where your domain is pointing at. Make sure that the files were unzipped properly.

Step 5: Running the Installation Script

Using the web browser of your choice enter the URL of your site with the proper extensions as shown in the following example, . All that is necessary now is to enter the proper information in the fields of this page and you’re all done.