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Getting you new clients from the web

Right now a large proportion of future customers in your market are researching products and learning about suppliers. For lower-value or commoditized items, many are even buying these items on the web right now. If you don’t have an effective web marketing strategy, they will not come to you, and you will never get them as customers.

If you offer high value or professional services, web marketing will probably not result in sales, but a correctly structured site will be the start of many ongoing business relationships.

If you’ve never succeeded in getting customers from the web in a cost effective way, or if you are doing it regularly but need to reduce the cost to acquire customers, we can help you.

We get many companies in the top three in the ‘natural’ listings. We can reduce your Google costs (your cost-per-click) by up to a factor of ten with the same visitors. Then, we can increase the number of sales per click ten-fold more. With these two factors acting together, your current Google budget can get up to one hundred times more effective. In other words, one hundred times the sales for the exact same budget. Even with more modest results, increases of 25 fold are common. Now instead of being a waste of money, Google becomes a reliable source of sales. Many of clients initially believe that their own product line or service is unique, and can’t benefit from an understanding of marketing fundamentals. But as big stores, corporations and consulting firms know, a deep understanding of the markets always transfers across sectors. Specialists imagine their sectors are unique only because they have not achieved the desired goals in other sectors themselves.

Remember though, building a web marketing campaign is like building a bridge. if you try to build one which is even slightly smaller than the gap that it needs to span – if the campaign is not perfectly planned from end-to-end – then it will simply fail and lose your whole investment without any return.

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