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Creating a Custom Website Theme

Your theme is one of the most important parts of your web design and it should b directed toward your product or service line rather than something out of the ordinary that is not likely to appeal or have any connection to what you are selling.

You also want to choose a theme that is simple, attractive and uncluttered rather than something full of bells, chimes and all kinds of other distractions. You also don’t want to choose a theme that clashes with what you are selling. For instance, don’t use a beach theme to sell auto parts—you just may drive your visitors away because they will think the search engine drove them to the wrong website.

Do you really need a theme? Choosing a theme is optional but if you choose one it should coordinate with your product line and color scheme. Trying to make something that will draw visitors into your place of business by being wild, crazy and cocky isn’t going to work. Look at your average brick and mortar store—unless it is one geared toward the wild and crazy the theme is one of sublimity and even calm which is want you want to place on your websites. Search the websites of competitors to gain some insight into the themes that are more likely to draw in the most visitors.

Don’t choose themes that clash with your color scheme or your product or service line. It is better to choose something simple and basic rather than wild and inane. You can make it simple while making it attractive. Back to auto parts—a wild pink scheme would not fit since we tend to think of auto parts in a masculine way. At the very least you would send the men to the other side of the internet—the really masculine males–and there are many–will not buy from anyplace they see as “girly.”

If you write HTML code or are paying someone to write it for your website use designs that are geared toward your product or service line. Office equipment and services can show computers, typewriters, printers and similar items as part of its theme. Even if you choose a pre-defined website template you can find graphics online to place on your website as part of your overall theme. Making your website attractive without choosing something wild will guarantee more visitors.