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When editing or adding content to your website, the best and cheapest way to get attention is to be picked up on a search engine. That is people out there search for a keyword that appears on different websites and allow the search engine to find sites that match those parameters. Search Engine Optimization or SEO (which can also mean Search Engine Optimizer) is both an act and a job description, one doesn’t need to hire an SEO if they are really intent on low cost web design. It is possible to do it yourself, and like momma always said, “If you want something done right do it yourself”; well momma might be right but momma probably never had to do SEO.

If you’re reading this that must mean that you have some interest in the ordeal, and what you’re doing is the first step to becoming a good SEO, research is always key. When editing the content on your site think of different key words that may be associated with the products, services or niches of your site and include them in the text. Don’t go overboard and keep repeating “funny painted plywood cut outs” every three sentences, this is considered keyword stuffing and is both unnecessary and potentially malicious to your website. Make sure the information you include in your site’s content is relevant to all the other information, there’s nothing more irritating when you’re searching the web for something and when you click on the site it’s something completely different than what you were looking for.

Another way to generate more traffic to your site is by adding descriptions to your pictures, always label the picture with accurate data and include relevant key words. This will make your site visible on image searches and easily reachable for users. Another huge no-no in a good web design is stealing content, you know, copying and pasting data found on other sites and posting it on your own without the permission of the original site. You may think this saves you time but it is unethical as well as illegal and may result in breach of copyright suits on your part. Paying legal fees is far from the idea of low cost web design, so as far as plagiarism goes, just say no (yeah like Nancy Reagan). At one point in time this was a good idea for websites and SEO since if they use the content from another more prominent site, their site would also appear on the same search results; however new systems in place in search engines eliminate this as a benefit, most of these search engines may black list your site for copyright violations.