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Building an eCommerce Business

Do you want an online shop that turns visitors into customers, and customers into bigger customers? That’s the kind of site we like to build at National Web Design.

Some shops on the web are incredibly successful. If you want to make thousands of pounds worth of sales per day through your site within a short time, we can help you – we have achieved this for both established and start-up businesses. Give us a call now and we’ll be pleased to listen to what you do and what you want to achieve, and give you a realistic assessment of what level of investment you’ll need to make to achieve it.

What happens exactly to produce successful results? Almost every business believes that its sector is unique and that no other sector is comparable. The truth is that there are basic principles that can be applied to any sector, which is why sites like eBay are successful in selling everything from Cars to Carpets to Cigarette Cards – and why we have been successful in every shop that we have made that has followed our eCommerce advice.

Who is your target eCommerce market?

How big is your target eCommerce market?

How much will it cost and what do you stand to gain?

If you need a reliable, effective e-commerce web site we are the e-commerce solution provider for you. We can provide off-the-shelf, customized or fully bespoke solutions that meet your exact business needs. We can also provide ecommerce consulting. Our clients include range from online shops operating from home and turning over just a few tens of thousands a month up to those turning over millions of pounds of products a month. Our extensive experience allows us to understand what will be needed to make your shop competitive – from hardware and hosting to software, web marketing, and more cost effective advertising on Google.

We can do three things for you:

1. Create new e-commerce shops for handling high capacities reliably;

2. Design effective web marketing strategies for existing online shops;

3. Combine both of the above.

Our approach has been recognised in the ABEA Innovation Award, our service has been recognised in the National Customer Service Week Awards, and we’ve run successful educational seminars on exactly these subjects. Our web marketing goes into both getting the right people to your online shop and getting them to buy when they get there, significantly improving sales whilst reducing pay-per-click fees.

If your online sales strategy depends on Google AdWords, you’re basically depending on getting into a bidding match with your competitors. We know how to beat the competition, often at a fraction of the price – which often makes the difference between good profitability for your business and simply giving your profits to Google.

Your e-commerce solution can include web hosting, web site design and an shopping cart. We use the most secure, reliable e-commerce software and can help you get an e-commerce merchant account for your business solution.

Finally, ease of use for both you and your customers is always a top priority.

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