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More On WordPress Themes

I did a post at SMZK recently on some of the advantages of using WordPress (WP) as a platform for websites. One of the things I touched on there was theme selection. Since this is a vital part of establishing the look and feel of a WP site, I want to spend a little more…

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Make Overs For Products

We all have plenty of products of various types sitting around on our computers that we really have no interest in. maybe it was part of a package that was sold with something you did want. Or maybe it was one of those “Free Gifts” marketers are always passing out. We end up with some…

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Flash Ads Are A Standard

You really can’t go to very many destinations around the Web without seeing plenty of flash banner ads. Flash ads have become the norm these days, not the exception they once were. A big factor in that is the natural tendency of advertisers to raise the bar. “If a flash banner is good enough for…

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Creating Software Boxes Made Simple

One of the most dreaded tasks any marketer can face is the prospect of having to learn to use a complicated software program to turn out graphics for illustrating a new product. Many PLR products provide PhotoShop graphics to edit the supplied graphics. The big problem there is the difficulty of mastering the program and…

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Working With Templates

If you don't want to design a website yourself and a designer is not in your budget, you should consider working with templates. Templates are an easy way to buy an already-existing design and apply it to your website. Free Templates A quick search for 'free website templates' will turn up a lot of offers.…

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Why You Should Stick To Design Conventions

When designing a website, pay close attention to the conventions that are in use on the web today. There's a big difference between being innovative and being arrogant. In almost all cases, you should be sticking to the conventions. Why? Well, there are literally millions of other websites, so if your website doesn't work the…

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Web Design Skills – Empowering You For An Exciting Career

Joining for training in web design skills is a wise step for creative individuals interested in a challenging and well-paying web-based career. With websites becoming a popular and powerful option even for traditional establishments, web designing is witnessing a boom with plenty of opportunities for talented web designers. There are many regular and online web…

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The Web Designer’s Toolbox

As a web designer, you'll find lots of free and paid programs that perform certain tasks quickly and effectively. Accumulating a good set will save you a lot of time. Color Programs Dealing with color is one of the thorniest issues you'll have. There are literally millions of colors available and because web colors are…

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The Benefits of Web Design Training

The business of web design is booming these days as more and more of today’s companies, establishments, and individuals discover what a huge difference having a well-designed and user-friendly website to showcase their services can really make. Contrary to popular belief, effective web design skills are something that can be taught and many companies are…

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