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Affordable Web Site Design

A problem often associated with affordable web site design is that of quality. Cheap web design often means sites produced using templates, which may not really be suitable for your business. And when this results in customer irritation (see the reasons below), your online business development opportunities may just suffer.
Affordable web site design is of particular importance to businesses during these hard times. The internet gives businesses the opportunity to potentially grow their customer base through electronic commerce; whilst cheap web site design provides a low-cost method of ‘treading the water’. Affordable web site design is also suitable for charities providing information and for individuals (such as students or employees publishing their resumes or promoting their achievements).
Affordable web site design can have associated quality issues, typically occurring where web design companies are concentrating on their sale rather than your business needs. This results in the supplier maximising their revenues whilst minimising the time they spend on site development, test and deployment.
Quality issues also arise when sites are completed by inexperienced developers, who either don’t understand or simply do not care about the potential quality issues in affordable web site design.

Some designers of cheap websites provide no testing of the completed website, resulting in missing pages or menu options that do not work. Cheap website design could also mean sites are not maintained resulting in code bugs which also result in the deterioration of a site functionality or structure. The result is added user frustration and potentially reduced volume of customers processing their business through your site. When a business wants a cheap solution the results could be short of disastrous.
Apart from quality issues, the need for an affordable web design may also hit problems when the customer actually needs a tailored website or when the content of their website needs to change frequently. These sites can typically be, increasingly, more expensive. This is not because a customer is being ripped off but because of the amount of time a good designer / developer will take to understand your business needs and then design how the site should be laid out (both structurally and aesthetically). After this (which could take months for very large sites) the site then needs to be built, tested, deployed and maintained. In fact some businesses do this so well, they make a good premium; put it is far outside the budgets of many small and medium sized businesses.
The implication is that a business planning a web presence has only two affordable web site design options (a site that may not be suitable for their business (with potential quality issues) or one that will cost a hefty price). Whilst this may be true in many cases, the possibilities are actually much greater, but you need to do your homework.